Behind the Scenes: GALentine's Party Facebook LIVE!

We spend about 7-10 days coordinating all new orders and organizing the 30-40 items we present on the Facebook LIVE. Everything you see is available for order during the live show, up to 12-24 hours later, or if we have inventory left at our online store. 

All GALentine's Facebook LIVE items released: SUNDAY JANUARY 31, 2021 | 4:30PM PST | | (while supplies last)

We have so much FUN putting together these Facebook LIVE's for you! Our very first one was on May 6, 2020. We showed about 5 items and we were really nervous! Each month we kept presenting more items and learned how to get into our groove.

We feel so lucky to have grown so quickly in such a short amount of time. What a ride 2020 has been, but we have been fortunate enough to shift and adapt our business to a digitally supported culture. We are SO THANKFUL for all of you for supporting us!

Be sure to check our NEW RELEASES and ALL COLLECTIONS for items to add to your style.

All GALentine's Facebook LIVE items released: SUNDAY JANUARY 31, 2021 | 4:30PM PST | | (while supplies last)

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