The Healing Gem of Arcadia

The Healing Gem of Arcadia

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  • A Pacific Northwest Adventure 
  • Written by Lara Foster 
  • Lara is Jenny's daughter and Emily's sister

Adam's dad is sick with a mysterious illness while Clara's dad just up and left her family. Adam's Auntie G gives him a treasure map to find a magical healing gem in Arcadia. Clara is approached by Adam and his friends on a full moon, Queen tide summer night to find the gem and save his dad.

The crew is transported through the Arcadia Rock portal to a mysterious land where Auntie G is much younger and shows them how to discover the true power of healing and their own magical powers of intuition.

Will Clara, Adam and their friends reach the gem in time? Join the Arcadian crew as they learn how to fremember together.

 A cross-over Middle Grade fantasy novel that will ignite the fancy of both juvenile and adult readers.

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